I am a long-time lover of Science Fiction who has always aspired to be a Science Fiction writer.  In years past, my busy career kept me from pursuing the idea seriously.  Finally, now I have the time to chase the dream.  ‘Chromosome Quest’ is my first Science Fiction eBook, or at least the first one that I felt was worth sharing.  The eBook is presently on Pre-Order at Apple iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books and Smashwords.

This “Heroes Journey” tale has everything!  Portals to other worlds, genetic manipulation, Cat-People, The hapless Hero, The buxom red-headed Heroine, The big Bad-Ass Villain, castles, amok computers, great battles, and Dinosaurs, can’t leave out the dinosaurs!
Oh, yeah, there’s plenty of sex too!  Well, not with dinosaurs.  Maybe we’ll hold that one for the sequel.
Cinch up your nut-sack, suck in your gut and hit the road to adventure!  And don’t get caught outside after dark!!

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