Chromosome Warrior Tease #17:

Teena had wanted to run ahead to the nexus with a couple of the fur-people as companions. Needless to say, I vetoed that idea with vehemence. We had almost died but for my sword!

I refused to permit Teena to tackle the dangers without the Lady Tyrxing and my skilled arm to guide her. We’d experienced firsthand the impotency of bow and arrow against dinosaur hide.

“I lost one lover to violent death. I’ll be damned if I permit another,” I yelled. “That’s a stupid idea.” I had lashed out seemingly in anger, although it was more in fear. She bristled in frustration, claiming I was over-reacting. She retorted that I was refusing to even listen to her idea. “If you want me to listen to your ideas, get some better ideas!”

That almost sent her over the edge. I reminded her not only was I opposed to losing another lover, but if something happens to her I’m stranded on an alien planet. Truthfully, I did not fear living among the Nekomata. They’re wonderful, friendly people and I knew James or Petchy would come searching for us eventually. I was in no danger of being stranded and we both knew it. She became real quiet after my outburst, but perforce admitted I was right.

So we spent the next three days in bed, but even Lotus-eating can pall. It was not the blissful interlude it might have been. Teena is an enticing and playful bed-mate, but I failed to uphold my share. Due to the pain of my injury and our quarrels, I was cranky.

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