Chromosome Conspiracy

Chromosome Conspiracy: Everyone Needs a Personal MiBChromosome Conspiracy: Everyone Needs a Personal MiB

by Nathan Gregory

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second book in the series, sequel to Chromosome Conspiracy, officially finished writing June 5, 2015, presently in the hands of proofreaders. Target eBook release date is July 4, 2015.

I think this book is my best work, ever. I hope my readers will agree.

On his initial return to Earth, Fitz had been detained briefly by Certified Agent Alex Marco, a genuine “Man in Black” from the Government. That detention was soon resolved and Alex has tried to be Fitz’ friend since. Fitz is slightly terrified of Alex, doesn’t want to be friends and can’t seem to avoid his attentions.

The story opens with our hero sitting at his favorite Cafe, working on his attempt to follow his first literary success with another. He has recently met a charming young lady and has planned a date for this evening, their first date. Just as he is packing up his laptop to prepare for his date, who should appear but Certified Agent Alex Marco. Alex has a mystery and wants Fitz’s opinion. It seems as if one of his ‘fictional’ characters has walked straight out of his book and landed in Alex’s morgue!

If that isn’t complication enough, two more Aliens soon appear and Fitz
is forced to reveal to Alex that it all was in fact true, not fiction and his friends need his help. The adventure begins with Fitz reluctantly accepting Alex’s ‘help’ but soon Fitz is spooked, deathly afraid of Alex and the virtually unaccountable power he wields. Fitz bolts, taking the Aliens with him in a bid to keep his friends out of Government hands and protect them and see them returned safely to their home.

Soon other players join in the chase, as Fitz and the Aliens are chased across the Western US keeping one step ahead of their pursuers. If he thought he was afraid of Alex, he was clueless what fear truly was until he discovered a fellow named Gharlane has joined in the chase! Yeah, THAT Gharlane!

Fitz wages a desperate battle, trying to contact his off-world mentor Petchy for help, unravel the mystery of Gharlane, all the while staying one step ahead of the adversaries on his heels.

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