Will there be a Sequel?

The short answer is, I do not know. The question has come up a few times, and I have outlined a second story, tentatively titled ‘Chromosome Conspiracy‘ and done a little work on it.  But it takes many many hours of hard work to turn an idea into a book.  Writing 60,000+ words is HARD!

The way to encourage me to proceed on the sequel is to buy this one.  If this book hits the market and sinks like the Titanic, well, I may find motivation to continue lacking.  Even if you don’t buy it, Facebook likes, participating in the forums, a few encouraging words will go a long way.

I don’t expect to sell a million books overnight.  I do hope I sell a few.  It’s ONLY 99 cents on pre-order.  So come on gang!  Let me know I am not wasting my time.

The Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/ChromosomeQuest

My Personal web page with more information is  http://wa4otj.wix.com/wa4otj

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