Chromosome Quest Excerpt

A short excerpt from Chromosome Quest to entice the would-be reader.  At this point, the hero has just met ‘Petchy’, who plays the role of the ‘Mentor’ in the classic Heroes Journey format.  He has awakened on the planet, and they are walking from the portal location to the castle through the forest..

My companion evidently noticed my vigilance as he commented at one point, “Fitz my boy, you can relax a bit. The woods are generally quite safe in the daytime. But never, ever under any circumstances let yourself get caught out here after sunset. Not even close to sunset! Always be in a secure shelter long before nightfall, as failure to do so is certain death! There are three kinds of serious predators, all quite vicious. Fortunately they are all nocturnal. You do not want to face them, trust me.”

As we walked, I considered a million questions, not so much reluctant to ask them, as struggling to decide what to ask first. Are we on another planet, as it appears? That was certainly implied. How did we get here? I know the answer to that one, I guess, Magic! Do we get back home the same way? Do we ever get back home, period? I settled on a more mundane question to begin. “You seem to know my name, but I don’t know yours.”

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